Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

We offer an in-depth assessment of your health and fertility potential by integrating our clinical knowledge and experience with the unique traditional Chinese medicine skills of tongue, pulse, and Hara diagnosis (see Chinese Medicine).

We incorporate this assessment with a naturopathic style consultation that reviews blood tests and scans, and offer a supportive role in discussing all issues related to falling pregnant naturally, and ART (assisted reproductive technology) cycles.

We will work together with you and take into consideration your needs and desires and, after our thorough assessment, we advise on: Chinese herbal medicine, preconception education, lifestyle, and nutrient and diet supplementation

Once a treatment plan is developed, we allow you to relax with a gentle acupuncture treatment

If essential, we recommend further blood tests and scans. Throughout the following sessions, the team monitors your progress and offer full support, throughout your natural or ART cycles; during pregnancy; labour and after delivery.


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