Cosmetic Acupuncture

Woman receiving cosmetic acupuncture.
Cosmetic acupuncture. | Photo: Antonika Chanel, Unsplash

 Cosmetic acupuncture is a beautiful and relaxing treatment and a great natural alternative for overall skin care and anti-aging. It offers a very natural alternative to a number of the harsher and more invasive procedures offered the Western Cosmetic clinics.

This treatment we will treat your body with Acupuncture though treatment will be mainly on the face.

How does it work?

Cosmetic acupuncture creates which we call ‘microtraumas’ across your skin this in turn triggers your skins self-repair by stimulating circulation, boost lymphatic system and increase the supply of nutrients to your skin encouraging the production of collagen and elastin, brightening up your overall complexion. The treatment includes inserting special very fine needles on certain acupuncture points on your face which we will leave for aprox 20 mins followed by facial gua sha, and facial cupping and we complete the treatment with massage.  We only use Jade or Rose quartz facial tools and these have unique and therapeutic properties

 Cosmetic Acupuncture can help with: 

Jade or Rose quartz facial tools
Jade or Rose quartz facial tools
  •    Wrinkles and frown lines
  •    Dark age spots and uneven skin tone
  •    Forehead furrows

    Jade or Rose quartz facial tools
    Jade or Rose quartz facial tools
  •    Deep laughter lines
  •    Sagging and drooping
  •    Crow’s feet
  •    Eye puffiness
  •    Oily, dry, dull flakey skin complexion
  •    Redness or blotchy skin tone
  •   Acne scarring and scars







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