Understanding ‘Unknown Causes’ of Infertility

Understanding 'Unknown Causes' of Infertility
Understanding ‘Unknown Causes’ of Infertility

What does Chinese medicine say about ‘unknown cause’?

In CM theory, the age of the woman and man, and their gynaecological, urological and hormonal status, are not the only factors that influence egg, sperm and embryo quality, and the ability to fall pregnant.

CM theory dictates that general health and wellbeing also influence hormonal, gynaecological, and urological health and the ability to produce healthy eggs, sperm, and embryos, regardless of age.

As infertility is medically considered for the most part a gynaecological or endocrinological problem, chronic disease or seemingly minor health issues may not be considered important in a medical assessment. Chinese medicine shows there is usually a cause for infertility – and age may not always be the main factor.

CM theory suggests that there are ‘patterns of disharmony’ that put you at greater risk of developing compromised fertility, whether a disease is identified or not.

For example, both the immune system and the digestive systems may play a huge role in your ability to conceive or not, or produce healthy eggs and sperm. However, these systems and their impact on fertility are not investigated in the usual endocrinological or gynaecological assessment.

We find Chinese medicine assessment successfully complements a medical diagnosis to provide insights into potential ‘unknown causes’.

Such as at terms of disharmony may provide good guidance for further tests and medical examinations for both men and women that assists in better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

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